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Max Blank High Quality Frankfurt Stove have been appointed as the sole UK distributor of this new, exciting, and very exclusive duel fuel stove. Burning either Logs or wood pellets.

Manufactured in Germany, this stove is unique, has mesmerizing flame, and quite simply a work of art!

The Frankfurt is tall and slim at 178.5 high x 37 x 33cm with integral heat store for up to 7 hours’ heat from one firing. The glass is large and two sided. Very large ash chamber requires emptying only once or twice per season when burning pellets. Stay cool, Stove handle can be used at all times without gloves.

There are no electrics or moving parts to wear out. The steel globe is used only when burning wood pellets to enhance the flame pattern.  Combustion air supply can be connected directly to the outside air, from the bottom or rear of the Frankfurt.

Burning Pellets

Fill the Brazier with 2kg of wood pellets, place one firelighter on top of the pellets and light. The fire will burn for 1.2 to 2 hours depending on air supply and flue draft. One or two firings per evening will suit most requirements. Re load and light when hot. One cycle on pellets will charge the heat store at the top of the stove for up to 6 hours. Keeping the fire burning continuously is simple quick and easy. The nominal heat output whilst burning pellets is 6.4kW. Range 5 – 6.4 kW

Wood pellets are readily available in bags at £220/ton, burning pellets is very economical compared to logs, 2 kg will cost about 45pence! Any A1 grade pellets can be used. we recommend A1 Grade Fire Power pellets.

Burning Logs

Convert to a log burner within 5 minutes, simply unhook the steel globe, lift out the pellet brazier, insert the log kit, and light your fire. One firing will charge the heat store for up to 7 hours. Nominal heat on logs 10kW. Range 7 – 11 kW.

Please feel free to request handling advise.

Comes complete with 20kg felt bag for pellets, Aluminum Pellet shovel, electronic lighter stick, cleaning brushes, and 5 piece conversion kit.

We also install and certify within a 60 mile radius of our showroom.

DEFRA exemption for smokeless zones pending

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